I suspect you won't be able to miss RuneScape

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I suspect you won't be able to miss RuneScape

The third RuneScape gold assumption is that it does not have to begin with"B" and isn't sailing. I can not say exactly what the new skill is either expect that it's not sailing. The fourth premise is that it is completely different to present skills, current popular lines of thinking and no one has ever done it earlier.

(About ThirdScape) I do not want to give away it though since it is really exciting and nobody has done it so we're kind of keeping that one close to our chest.

Specific Assumptions - Extrapolating from famous information which might not be about the new skill. The initial premise is that Jagex's trademarks for Never End, Infinite Dungeon and/or Dungeon Master relate to the new ability. Mod Korpz was requested if those two were related to FunOrb and said"Not to my understanding, in fact I do not understand why these are trade marked" (FOOF QF 7-8-674-36116).

The second assumption is that Jagex's plan from March 2004 to get"Randomly generated situations, where a new adventure is generated for you and your friends each time you go on it. Form an adventuring party and go on your personal pursuit" (origin ) relates to the new skill. Evidence: Not really, but as the game engine is shared between RuneScape and MechScape/Stellar Dawn it is possible that improvements made for a single job has allowed for stuff in RuneScape which were not formerly feasible.The Roleplay / Dungeon Master concept - My guess on how it all ties together.

What could this mean? Well, maybe something related to questing in instanced worlds which are generated dynamically. It would mean groups of gamers can go on habit dungeon quests, maybe with the skill being that needed to get a game master to have the ability to control the experience. As such the ability could function as"dungeon master" or even adventurer/roleplayer to be able to better manage the adventure (maybe it'd allow more people in the adventure, higher level enemies, greater loot, etc). This would also tie in with MMG's line that"the neighborhood would adore this" as it's extremely cheap School RS Gold community-focussed, but he would only have meant that players want it.