Silgenix Boost Scam Or Successful ? Read More First

Silgenix experiment took one of the others about two

Silgenix experiment took one of the others about two hours and a bottle of patra and later she was hugging the toilet and we put her to bed on the tried it to see so I took it on a Monday midday as my gf and I are keen on experimenting about 20 minutes later I'm half mast I stopped thinking here it is go time we get down to business and it's going great she's done in little time and I'm still going and going and going after about 45 minutes I am not getting anywhere fast after what seems like hours I finally get there only at the same time I find my happy place I get a horrible migraine I decide on apps in order and fall asleep three hours later I wake up same headache same Iron Age erection I'm thinking it's normal until it's Thursday and my head still hurts and my member it's still level five steel oh BTW we are with her mom so here I am days on end aimlessly bumbling about with dong tucked in my waistband the next day headaches gone but I forget about mr. American steel making his appearance I go out for a smoke and try to make small talk then I realize her mom is glaring